Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cover Review: Defenders #51

For some strange reason I remember The Defenders as having plenty of "floating head" issues. As you can see, this is no exception.

I am a fan of this comic book. I've always like the title in its original form, even though I never thought the characters were the greatest. They just seemed to work well together. Hellcat is my favorite on this cover. Nighthawk, who is being tormented by the Ringer, seems weak. I don't care how many rings there are or who is causing them to float -- rings are weak, and that is not a good way to sell a superhero comic. It's also the reason the Hulk isn't pictured in the rings. (Doctor Strange may have been a good choice because he's a cowardly magician no matter how you cut it. Those gloves! That mustache! Wong!)

To someone unfamiliar with the concept of the book or the heroes therein, they may be fooled into thinking Hellcat and company are gods looking down on the Blue Falcon's brother as he is killed by an American Gladiator. Unfortunately, that is not the comic book here. This actually just screams, "Boredom!" Imagine how that conversation by the comic rack went. "Cool! Look at this issue of The Defenders!"

"Who's the villain?"

"The Ringer."


"The Ringer."

"What's he do?"

"I don't know. Control rings."

"Star Wars out yet?"

This title had far better covers and far better villains. (Elf with gun!) This cover is a failure of Hulk-like proportions.

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