Monday, September 7, 2009

You Can Tell a Lobo Fan by His Erection

Guy Richie directing a Lobo movie? Say it ain't so. The guy who used to fuck Madonna? (Well, who hasn't?) A movie about a character only twelve-year-old boys and Insane Clown Posse fans care about? Lobo? Really? Why not The Web or Hourman?

I know people will probably think this is a grand idea, but think about it. It's Lobo. It's Guy Richie. We'll get plenty of zooms and convoluted plot twists, but will it do anything for the character or comic books?

I don't hate Lobo. I just think he's overrated (or was and still is in some minds). I also don't hate Richie. The two together, though, leaves plenty to be desired.

Lobo? Really?

How is this possible? How did Lobo rank a movie? How did anyone think this was a good idea?

I rally about the stupidity of Hollywood on my other blog, The Last Picture Blog. I get how Hollywood works. I understand it. Anything that can make money should. Blah, blah, blah. But Lobo? Is Richie a Lobo fan? Is he fucking some other Hollywood senior citizen? What is going on?

Hate mail can be directed at me. I'll take it. I stand behind my initial shock, though. Who knows? It could be a great movie. I doubt it, though. I like Richie's movies enough, but he is not suited to this role. Want to give him something he may be able to pull off? 100 Bullets.

You fuckers know I'm right.

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