Monday, September 21, 2009

Marvel Zombies

I am a fan of horror movies, as anyone who has read my other blog, The Last Picture Blog, can attest to. I also like zombie films. When it comes to comics, I do enjoy the horror ones, especially EC and, of all things, Charlton's horror lines from the days of yore. I do not, however, read the current crop of horror and, most notably, zombie comics.

I don't know why I don't read these titles like Walking Dead, which has gotten all kinds of acclaim. I've never given them a chance, and I really have no desire to. It's not that I don't think they're any good. In fact, the one I did read, the first Marvel Zombies series, was actually quite enjoyable. It did not make me want to pick up the other series in that line, and nor did it get to me to explore other titles. So why the hesitation to read these?

I'm picky when it comes to new titles (not that these are new now, but if I didn't get them when they started it is doubtful I will pick them up now). I'm also very random. When the zombie books first started getting big, I was doubtful of whether or not they would last. I didn't want to start a series that would be around five months and end without a formal conclusion. Therefore, I avoided them. When it was obvious they weren't going anywhere, it was already too late. I stayed away despite my friends telling me how good these books were (and some amazing covers). The Marvel book I did read was fine, but it also came across as a novelty with no real bearing in the Marvel Universe (why this should matter is obvious -- I'm also big on continuity). It was a big What-If that made me ask, "What if it mattered?"

In the future I may pick up the back issues of various series on the cheap (when I no longer have to worry about car repairs, plane tickets and the like). There are great deals to be had on eBay, but I really have enough to read now at the moment (nine short boxes or so). Until then, I've got the films. At least I know those won't end halfway through.

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