Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Savage Dragon

I was recently at my local dollar store and happened across a box of polybagged comics.  They came from some company whose name escapes me at the moment, but they looked worth getting.  Each pack had two comics (you could only see the front cover of one of the two) and a card.  Each pack was a buck.  I ended up picking up five packs because I could tell by the comic I could see that I wanted to add it to my collection.  The very first bag I opened had issue #45 of DC Comics Presents.  That is why I picked it up.  While I'm not a Superman fan, I did enjoy that series.  It was the second issue that stunned me, however.  The Savage Dragon #3 ... with the coupon in it!

Oddly enough, I have seen this title for up to $13 on auction sites.  Mine is a first printing, and I must admit I found it to be a strange find as these are usually surplus comics that are available in these packs.

I haven't opened the other packs yet, but I am tempted to go buy up the rest of the store's supply.  I know there were some Valiant titles in there, along with more '80s Marvel and DC issues, which is what I was mainly after.

Best find ever?  Not even close, but I bought those packs thinking I would be getting some utter junk.  And while I'm not a Savage Dragon fan, I do know the early issues can go for some bucks.  I think I need to head back out to that store.