Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cover Review: ACG's Halloween Horror

You have to hand it to ACG: This cover is creepy.

ACG's Halloween Horror
came out in 1998, though this cover reminds me of something from the late 1960s or '70s. The witch-like person, possible Klansmen, and a cowering captive/cave dweller/hobo practically demand you read this issue. Hell, if I would've have seen it on the rack I would have got it instead of whatever other garbage I was reading at the time.

As most of my readers and friends (not a big crossover group) know, I'm a big horror fan. Horror comics are part of that. Essential to the horror comic reading experience is the cover. Most of my cover reviews rip apart a cover for failing to do its job (get a reader to pick up the issue). ACG hits it out of the ballpark here. This cover is, quite frankly, disturbing. Though it looks like an old block print, the inclusion of the Klan-like element makes it a bit more modern, but also lends it a hint of discomfort (much like that infamous EC cover). I don't know if the Klan is involved in the story, but the picture is enough to case the association.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tales of Terror: The Fate of EC Archives

Gemstone, as many know, is no longer putting out the incredible EC Archives. All hope is not lost, though, as Russ Cochran's latest newsletter, which details a brush with death, states that while a new publisher has yet to be picked, he is confident it will happen soon. God, I hope so.

The EC Archives line was set to be the best thing to happen to comics since Jim Shooter left Marvel. They were going to be the definitive reprints of some the most influential comic books of all time. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, George Romero and many others got inspiration from these fantastic and sordid tales. To have the series just disappear would be a crime of the highest degree.

I have very few of the original issues, as my budget doesn't allow me to collect them on an easy basis, so the series was my way of getting to read all those stories at a decent price. There was care given to the art and coloring, and the introductions were fascinating. Hell, those stories stand the test of time and many can still be considered edgy today.

I would hope Dark Horse would get the license, as I know that company will probably do a fine job with it. Here's to hoping. And if it falls through ... well, I can always hope to win the lottery.