Saturday, April 9, 2011

Planet of the Apes Fans Rejoice!

Boom! Studios has published a five page preview of its new Planet of the Apes series due out 4/27/11.  As if the comic book wasn't enough, Exhumed Films is running a marathon showing of the five Planet of the Apes films 7/31/11.

I'm not the biggest Apes fan.  The "re-imaging" was not a highlight of cinema, and I'm not sure I understand the sudden resurgence in the franchise, but I will admit that the concept always seemed right for a comic book.  DC knew apes sold comics, which is why there is a period of time where almost every DC comic had an ape on the cover.  Boom! Studios, which houses a lot of licensed products, is onto something here, as is Exhumed (which makes me regret leaving the East Coast). 

If you're an Apes fan I'd love to know what you think about all this, and I want to hear why it appeals to you.  If you don't read comics, will you be reading this series?  I have no affiliation with it, but I think any book that can bring more readers to the fold is a good thing.

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