Friday, April 29, 2011

Donald Trump: Comic Book Villain?

I was contemplating writing a serious piece about Donald Trump and his award-winning people skills over on my other blog, Cancerous Zeitgeist, when somebody said he reminds them of a comic book villain. 

That somebody was right.

Which one, though?  He's got Dr. Doom's ego.  Red Skull's features.  Granny Goodness' hair. (Well, not really, but when is the last time you thought of her?)  But he doesn't fit those molds.  If anything, he comes across as someone you would see going after Richie Rich's money, not because he needed it, but because he wanted to crush Rich. 

When Trump isn't busy doing fake firings on his "reality" show or making birthers feel less insane, he's a capitalist through and through.  He is, for all intents and purposes, the Ugly American.

He marries young, "beautiful" (by average standards) foreign women, he takes credit for work he doesn't do, he tries to dictate to other countries how they should run their affairs, he is afraid of black people, he loves money, and is totally blind to his own faults.  Ugly American cares not for what other people think or feel.  All that matters is the numbers in his bank account, his name, and the ruby red lips wrapped around his ... well, you know.  He produces Mini Me versions of his badness to continue Ugly American's reign once he is defeated by the ultimate hero -- Death.  (I always prayed/hope/fantasized about Ugly American's demise coming at the end of a partially chewed hot dog lodged in his throat.  Eyes bulging, he reaches for his Blackberry, but has no idea how to use it because his minions do all his dialing for him.)

By all definitions, Ugly American makes the Kingpin look rational.  Seriously.

I may still do my other piece on Ugly American because I realize a comic book blog has a very limited readership.  When it comes down to it, though, Ugly American (Trump, for those not keeping track) is a comic book character of the worst, must stereotypical sort.  He's missing that handlebar moustache to twirl, but the hair on his head more than makes up for it. 

How long until we see the Marvel crossover event?

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