Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Superman Registers on Megan's Law Website

I like Action Comics.  I really do.  It is an iconic title.  The first appearance of Superman?  What could be more iconic?  So, you can imagine my horror upon stumbling upon this cover when I was doing research on a piece about the iconic series.

Superman, taking off his shirt.  Clark Kent glasses pushed up on his forehead.  Too busy to take them off.  He's got work to do.  Work in the form of ...

Young Timmy (that looks like it would be his name).  On his stomach.  On his bed.  Tears moistening his pillow.

What the hell was the editor thinking?  Is this a joke?  I've seen some strange comic book covers before, but this really takes the cake.  "In This Issue: Superman Battles His Inner Demons!"

I don't own this issue.  Someday I will possibly track it down to add to my collection.  I'm fairly sure the tale inside is far less menacing than the cover.  I really have to question the mindset of anyone who gave this the okay, though.  There is no era "innocent" enough where this could come out looking fine.  Superman, no matter the decade, looks like a child molester.  

Supes, as the kids he doesn't molest call him, has never been a favorite of mine.  He's always been a little too clean cut ... or so I thought.  Had I known the man who stands for truth, justice and the American Way had more in with NAMBLA I would have found him less clean cut but far more creepy. 

Makes you sort of wonder what the hell happened to Jimmy Olsen, doesn't it?

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