Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marvel's Battlestar Galactica

Being a Marvel fan, a sci-fi fan, and a fan of the Battlestar Galactica television series (the original one that ran on ABC), it's not surprising that I picked up a copy of Marvel's comic book series.  I only ever had two issues of it that I can remember (and one of those was gotten in trade with my brother), but I distinctly remember not liking it.

The only other sci-fi comic I was reading at the time was Star Wars, also from Marvel, and I loved that one.  That comic had everything I would expect from a comic book based on the series, while the Battlestar Galactica one just seemed boring.  

Looking back on it, remembering what I did of the television series, I always found the ideas more interesting than the characters, which is almost exactly the opposite way I feel about Star Wars.  I remember Battlestar Galactica as a stale read, and that is what kept me at so few issues.  Marvel only did 23 regular issues, so it seems I wasn't the only one who felt this way.  Apparently an ending to the series had always been envisioned by Marvel, but I would imagine that if sales were strong enough Marvel would have kept the title afloat, as the company has never been one to turn down money.  Star Wars as a means of comparison, ran 107 issues with three annuals.  That doesn't even count the four-issue limited series for Return of the Jedi.

The Marvel series has its supporters, as does any sci-fi franchise, and other companies have brought Battlestar Galactica to a comics format since.  I've tried to read some of the stuff from Maximum Press but found it impossible to get into. 

Someday I may actually revisit the Marvel series and see if my mind has changed on it.  For the moment, however, there are far too many other titles begging for my attention, and I'm fairly confident I'll be able to pick up this entire series at bargain prices for some years to come.

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