Friday, August 13, 2010

The (Not So) Great and Secret Show

I was excited to put Secret Avengers on my subscription list.  I liked the idea of an Avengers team that went in to do the dirty work and stop problems before they happened.  I liked the team, as it has a few characters I really like (Moon Knight and Black Widow come to mind) and some I definitely enjoy (Beast, Valkyrie).  When I had the first two issues sent to me, I sat down and read them after letting them sit for about two weeks.

I was ... disappointed.

The story, which deals with a search for a new Serpent Crown, was lackluster at best.  The characterization was non-existent.  These could have been any characters, quite honestly.  It seemed like it was a thorough waste of potential and money, and I almost dropped it from my pull. Why waste the time?

Well, long story short, I have not dropped it yet.  I am going to give it a chance.  Sometimes it takes a few issues for a creative team to get into their rhythm.  My fear, however, is that this title will never realize its full potential.  By the second issue, when the team goes to Mars, I thought there could be possibilities ... and there were some ... but not enough.  What will the next few months bring?  I'm not sure, but if the writers don't let the characters shine (which should be anyone's reason for reading this), they will have a dead series on their hands, and they will be losing readers at a record pace ... myself included.

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